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D66 (abbreviation for Democraten 66, the year we started) is a social-liberal party in the Netherlands. Started in 1966 by Hans van Mierlo, the main goal was to improve the political system in the Netherlands. But after all those years, more and more subjects came into the interests of D66. Think of subjects like education, climate and Europe.

We are active in the local government of Amstelveen since the end of 20th century and are currently represented in the coalition with 2 aldermans and 7 seats in the Council. Within Amstelveen our main goals are a sustainable future, affordable rent and housing prices and good education. If you’ve any question regarding policies or want to become involved within the parties, we’re always open for questions. You can mail us at or fill in the contact-form on our Contact-page.

Laatst gewijzigd op 23 februari 2019